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Fat Black Art!



Can somebody please draw more fat black women in art w/o food in their hands?

I agree with there needing to be more fat black women in art but let’s not demonize food here. A fat black woman holding something delicious in their hands isn’t negative - you need food to live and having food to eat that you enjoy is a positive thing. she is a big girl also. She paints full figured women abstractly.

00:30 My husband Blake and Baby girl Marley
23:44 Omg
04:34 sweetjamaicanpipedreams:

*in raspy crab voice*“So the doctor says to me ‘Crab, you gotta quit the smokes.’ He says I could get cancer and die. Can you believe this douchebag? There is one thing that keeps me going in this pathetic crab life of mine. One thing that is always there for me.Cigarettes.I have nothing else. Do you see any lady crabs around here? I don’t even know which ones are the ladies. They don’t have vaginas. They don’t have boobs. I started making out with this crab once and things were getting heavy. I’m like, ‘So what’s your name, baby?’ And they respond, ‘Larry.’ That bastard said his name was Larry. You know what I did after that?I smoked a goddamn cigarette, that’s what.”


  • You have the right to have and express an opinion.
  • Others have the right to have and express a counter to your opinion.

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